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Voices from the Printmaking Studio

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Antonio E. Garcia Arts & Education Center
2021 Agnes Street
Corpus Christi, Texas


When artists imagine what their work can become, they often try techniques that may be new to them. Printmaking is a technical skill, and screen printing is one that gives the artist the ability to use many different approaches. The master-printer sometimes serves as the expert in helping the artist through the process of making prints.

Why is screen printing used by these artists?

One of the reasons this technique is used is it produces vivid colors. The ink lies in layers on the surface of the paper, which gives the print a physical quality.

The technique is also popular because it allows the artist to make multiples of the same image. This makes screen printing a very efficient technique for creating large editions of the same image and to share their work more widely.

There are different methods of screen printing, but they all involve the same basic technique. This printing technique uses a mesh or screen to transfer ink onto the paper, except in areas made impermeable to the ink by a blocking stencil. This block preserves the previous color a and allows the artist to add new stages of the print to build up the image by changing colors.

See how many stages of printing each print shows by counting the colors. Which prints have the most detail? How do you think the artist achieves these details? Did they use a photo-derived image? How can you tell?

Look for the edition number at the bottom of the print, next to the artists signature. How many prints did the artist make and which one in that edition is in each example? If the print shows 2/40 This means the artist made 40 prints, and this in the 2nd one printed in that series.