Community Garden

Antonio E. Garcia Arts & Education Center

Help grow your community.

The Garcia Center Community Garden educates community members of all ages on the basic principles of gardening, growing food, and making simple, tasty recipes using that food.


Volunteers are always needed. Gardening can be verified as community service hours if needed. Call the Center at 361-825-3600 to volunteer as an individual or group. To date, local schools, the Girl Scouts of America, university students, and individual community volunteers have assisted with planting and maintenance. Everyone involved gets to enjoy the produce grown.


We need donations of seeds, compost and garden equipment to keep the community garden healthy throughout the year.

Thank you!

Thanks to United Healthplan for their $500 donation that provided seeds, compost, gardening tools, and plants for our spring 2016 garden. Thank you to the Junior League of Corpus Christi for their donation of kneeling pads, shovels, buckets, gardening gloves, rakes and for volunteering to help prepare and plant the spring 2016 garden. Thanks to Gill Nursery and community donors, we were able to plant tomatoes, radishes, beans, squash, peppers, jalapenos, lettuce, basil, Swiss chard, carrots, eggplant and watermelon in 2015.